The Artist’s Life: Charles Schulz

“… always from his very beginning of his time on earth-he alone had known what he was going to do; he alone understood, as part of the the framework of his life, that he would succeed.  There would be doubters who tried to defect him from his goal, but in the end he would have the last word, and all along the way he would contend that every single word, every single deceptively simple penstoke in every single hard-thought-out frame, was his and his alone.”


“At the drawing board he was a different presence from the man people knew outside the studio-and not just because, in his own transformation from ordinary citizen to extraordinary cartoonist, he followed the Clark-Kent-to-Superman routine of freeing himself from his specs. Here, there was no scratching of the head, no kneading of the neck, no biting of the lip. “It is one of the few situations in my life where I feel totally secure. When I sit behind the drawing board I feel that I am in command.” An interviewer noticed that when Schultz engaged with others, he was “gentle and casual.” But when sitting down to work, “he changes. He becomes integrated, intense, concentrated. His right hand never makes a wasted motion.”
-David Michaelis, Schulz and Peanuts, 2007

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