Photography vs Illustration: Who Pictures What?


In an earlier blog entry, the subject matter of pictures in the 2010 Communication Arts Illustration Annual was examined. 

Which led me to wondering. What do photographers picture compared to illustrators? If we took the subjects found in the 2010 Illustration Annual and searched the 2010 Photography Annual for those subjects, how would they match up?
After all, photographers and illustrators are alternatives for commercial picture assignments. 

There are 321 photos in the 2010 Communication Arts Photography Annual.   
67%    of the photos include a human figure or a body part. (214)    Illustration: 85.5%
14%   of the photos include an animal or animals. (44)                         Illustration: 39.5%
4.5%  of the photos include birds. (14)                                                     Illustration: 10%
22%    of the photos have neither a figure nor an animal. (71)               Illustration:  6%
2.5%  of the photos include dogs. (8)                                                        Illustration:  4%
 .3%   of the photos include cats. (1)                                                          Illustration:  3.5%
 .6%    of the photos include skulls. (2)                                                      Illustration: 2.5%
  0%    of the photos include tigers. (0)                                                       Illustration: 2%
 .3%    of the photos include robots. (1)                                                     Illustration: .5%
  0%    of the photos include dragons. (1)                                                 Illustration: .5%

Further Observation
8%  of the photos include people who are sick, dying, dead or hurt. (25)  Illustration: 5%                       
9%  of the photos include people in danger, or in an uncomfortable position. (29)  Illustration:1%
5%  of the photos include a broken building. (15)  Illustration: .6%                                                
3%  of the photos include a living celebrity*. (10)  Illustration: 4%                                          
0%  of the photos include a famous* historical figure. (0)  Illustration: 8.4%                                                                   
*Celebrity and Famous being defined as widely recognizable in the opinion of the author.



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