Process: Christoph Neimann Thinks Inside the Box


Christoph Neimann is one of the most clever editorial illustrators around.  With the editorial field demanding the quickest deadlines, we wonder, how does he come up with his ideas. An interview from the interesting blog, From The Desk Of,  give us some insight.


“My work process is pretty much the opposite of what many may connect with creativity. My hours are extremely bureaucratic (8.45 to 5.45 Monday through Friday). And since the inspiring walk in the park doesn’t yield results in my case, I usually stick to staring at a white piece of paper on my desk for hours.”


If you want think outside the box you have to start inside the box. You have to start with what the reader already knows, so they have a chance to follow your train of thought. I found that if I get too obsessed about avoiding the box, the concepts are cold and confusing.”


Go to Christopher Neimann’s website to see more.



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