Working Pictures: A Change in Perspective

Great pictures work because they are designed to work. They don’t just happen by luck or by accident. In this Working Pictures series, elements and decisions of picture design are closely examined to better understand how images are made to “work.” 
Case in Point: Chris Ware’s “Threshold”
Chris Ware is.
Wisely chosen concepts wedded to artful images make for memorable and effective pictures. The communication success of an image is the result of the decisions made regarding these factors.  

1. Concepts  

-Subtlety.  A strength of this picture is that it looks innocent at first glance.  It turns a conventional autumnal scene on its head by adding a small, surprising, creepy element… the carving of one pumpkin from the inside out!  The idea however, is very small in the picture, and very quiet too. 


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