Non-Stop Curiousity


“To all the young students watching, and listening, I want to emphasise that feeding one’s imagination is an ongoing task – a journey of curiousity and discovery can never stop. There is no arrival. It is a process, and perhaps the most significant player in it, is time.

Critical thinking, creativity and collaboration are the three tenants on which I have built my entire understanding of being an artist.”

-Shahzia Sikander, 10/16 Gail Silver Memorial Lecture, RISD 



Young and Rest-Less


Meet Victo Ngai, one of the hottest illustrators of today. She was born in Hong Kong, educated at Rhode Island School of Design and now works as a freelance illustrator in New York City. Victo is actually her nickname for Victoria. She was never a student of mine, but I can recall so clearly her Senior Exhibition at RISD, and the clear promise of her work -an extraordinary feast of detail. For her, more is more.

Victo’s at the top of her game now; an industrious and influential artist who has won a shelf of prestigious awards. Recently, she was chosen as one of Forbes Magazine’s “30 Under 30” designers defining the future of their fields of endeavor. She’s such a good role model; sincere and self-disciplined – balancing concept and personal art. She’s making her mark on the world, and making her point to the world, too.