Critique: A Student’s Perspective


As an illustration professor, I teach only “critique” classes. That means, my students and I face a wall of artwork and talk about it exhaustively, for the full 2 1/2- to 5-hour class. For my students and me, a successful class is uphill all the way: overcoming obstacles such as boredom, frustration, ignorance, fatigue, laziness, craziness and incompetence (both of students and faculty). Luckily, I have terrific students who provide a large dose of inspiration, energy and smarts. Otherwise, the entire process would be torturous. 

This video is by RISD graphic design senior Karen Kavett (who was never a student of mine), and was passed along by RISD’s President John Maeda. It’s so accurate, it’s scary… and funny.

Welcome to my world.